AI-bot can turn sentences into images

This AI Turns Text Sentences into Artistic Images

Ever since artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies started gaining pace in the tech industry, we have seen numerous innovative AI-models perform various kinds of tasks. Now, a team of scientists has created an AI algorithm that can take your texts and […]

AI can convert long papers into summaries feat.

This AI Tool Can Easily Summarize Lengthy Research Papers

One part of being a content writer for future technology and science-related topics is reading through long research papers on various topics published by scientists and researchers. However, after the first two paragraphs, I often hear the Windows shut-down tone […]

AI mistakes bald head for a ball feat.

This AI Mistook the Bald Head of a Man to Be a Football

Although, with recent developments, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a really powerful tool in almost every sector. However, a recent incident in a football match proved that even advance artificial intelligent systems can have major flaws, which, in this case, […]