How to Free up Google Photos Storage

How to Free up Space in Google Photos

Now that Google Photos no longer offers free unlimited storage, managing your photos is more important than ever before. Whether you’re moving all your pictures to iCloud, or switching to one of the many Google Photos alternatives, you will have […]

Google Photos Now Lets You Set Memories as a Live Wallpaper

Google Photos Now Lets You Set Memories as Live Wallpapers

Building on its Instagram Stories-style Memories feature introduced in September last year, Google Photos has now added a cool new way to let you revisit old memories – live wallpapers. With Google Photos version 5.22, you can set images from […]

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6 Best Google Photos Alternatives for Android and iOS

In November this year, Google finally dropped the bomb and announced that Google Photos will stop offering free unlimited storage from June 2021. It has surely come as a surprise to millions of users who found Google Photos their new […]